We help you turn data into action.

Today, many organisations have so much data and insights it is hard to know where to begin. We help you separate the signal from the noise and work with the relevant insights to formulate and execute a coherent action plan.

Our method

01. Gather the information needed to predict and monitor risk

We provide the intelligence and analyses you need to make strategic business decisions.

We work with your internal data, open data sources, and niche intelligence providers – depending on what type of data is needed to understand the situation at hand.

02. Identify potential scenarios and plan out the more probable in detail

We work closely with your internal teams to prepare forecasts and scenarios.

Our tools help you keep track of different workstreams and help you crowd-source the information your need from relevant teams and individuals in your organisation - optimising for speed, accuracy and collaboration.

03. Plan and prepare internal and extern communication

We provide smart tools and work closely with your internal communications team to  create efficient messaging to internal and external audiences.

We help you plan and oversee the communication, keep track of your drafts and prepared messages, test the messages efficiency before you use them, and save your learnings to next time.

04. Monitor results and adjust plans according to updated information

We help you monitor ongoing situations over time, and adjust threats and predictions accordingly.

We provide insights from the actions you take, creating the opportunity to learn and adjust your efforts over time.

We collaborate closely with experts in a wide variety of fields.

We will never know it all. To make sure we always have the right people on the team, we're building a community of independent experts on everything from climate change to customer behaviour.

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