Integrated Risk Management Platform

Ability to manage disruptions determines sustainable growth more than managing continuity.

While most companies have lots of data, few managers have access to relevant insights when making the decisions that matter most.

Better Odds is how you change that.

A feed of strategic insights updates in your phone

The first step towards business resilience is better strategic insights.

Understand all the perspectives that impact your business results

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Get a complete understanding of the trends and events that will impact your specific business and follow how they change over time.
Feed showcasing recent events

Continuous monitoring of your organisations strategic risks

Get a precise and holistic understanding of your organisations business risk through an ongoing monitoring of internal and external data sources.
Selection of topics to follow

Actionable insights and recommendations personalised to your role

You get a curated selection of insights that learn about your unique needs and interests over time. Better Odds provides you all the signals, with a lot less noise.

Access to expert knowledge across a variety of fields

You get a precise and holistic understanding of your organisations business risk through a combined analysis of internal and external data sources.

Understood by everyone, regardless of data experience

Better Odds provide pre-analysed insights for you to act on instantly. While we are always transparent with our sources, we believe you have better things to do than look at dashboards.

Popular Questions

Some things you might want to know.
What is Better Odds Risk Management Platform?

Better Odds is a platform for business insights. It cross-analyses internal and external data sources to provide companies a holistic understanding of their current business risk, taking their unique situation into account.

Better Odds monitors niche risks such as geopolitical tension, desinformation, reputation, diversity and inclusion, consumer sentiment and climate risk, through the lens of your specific organisation. Analysing external and internal data jointly enables us to better differentiate relevant insights from all the available data and prioritise what is truly business critical knowledge for our customers.

Who is Better Odds Risk Management Platform for?

Better Odds users are primarily for management teams, strategists and analysts who want to always be on top of their business risk and how it is changing. It does not require or expect domain specific knowledge from the individuals receiving the updates, and is a straight forward tool to increase understanding of risk in your organisation.

How is Better Odds Risk Management Platform different?

Compared to other business insights tools and providers Better Odds provides a unique lens on business risk and uncertainty. We have analytical competencies and perspectives that go far beyond what most organisations have in-house. This makes us a good complement to your current risk or insights solution.

Additionally, Better Odds don't require any data interpretation knowledge from the users, making the platform a good option for inclusive insights distribution.