We build tools and provide services that help your organisation thrive under uncertainty.

We believe there is a need for a strategic communication agency specialising in today's global challenges. Climate change, geopolitical tension, consumer boycotts, and information warfare – only to name a few – are complex and everchanging threats to modern organisations.

Preparation will differentiate the companies that can turn uncertainty into a competitive advantage from those that can’t. We ensure that our clients can make informed strategic decisions and communicate intentionally – when they have time to prepare and in real-time under high pressure.

We work with private companies, the public sector, and non-profit organisations. We are located in Stockholm and Berlin but work internationally.

What we do

01. Predicting brand and business risks

We provide the intelligence and analyses you need to make strategic business decisions. We use both open data sources and have partnerships with several intelligence providers across different domains.

02. Scenario planning and forecasting

We work closely with your internal teams to prepare forecasts and scenarios. Bringing key perspectives together, we provide you the possibility to make informed strategic decisions based on real-time data and long-term outcomes.

03. Strategic communication

We provide smart tools and work closely with your internal communications team to  create efficient messaging to internal and external audiences in complex and uncertain situations.

04. Crisis management

We integrate seemlessly into your strategy and communication teams to provide smart tools and support your crisis management operations immediately.

05. Training, education and crisis drills

In an educational way we help you understand and prepare for the uncertainty and varitety of threats that your organisation and executives face today.

Long term proactivity

To identify a potential risk you look for small but significant trend changes in relevant data. Monitoring data over time by far provides the best predictions - early enough to use the insights strategically. It will also help you to successfully distinguish real risks from noise.

Real time reactivity

Sometimes it is too late to be proactive. Don't worry, we often start up new collaborations when a crisis is already unfolding. If you need immediate support we have set up a fast-track to be able to help you quickly.

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Our expertise

It is no longer enough only to mind your own business.

Better Odds integrate with your internal strategy and communications teams, giving you access to the tools and expertise you need to thrive in a highly uncertain and complex world.

Geopolitical Tension

The current state of global geopolitical tensions is high, significantly impacting the worldwide economy and the organisations operating on a global scale.  
We have experts in international relations, public affairs and geopolitical strategy to ensure you get the support you need when your business is impacted by geopolitics.

Climate Change

Climate change creates a series of new business risks. The most obvious risks are physical, for example, the operational impacts of extreme weather events or supply shortages caused by water scarcity.  
There is also additional risk arising from society’s response to climate change, such as changes in technologies, markets and regulations increasing business costs, undermining existing products or services, or affecting asset values.

Desinformation and Information Warfare

Spreading false information - deliberately or not - is an increasing problem for many companies and brands. It can, for example, be in the form of false narratives, bot and sock-puppet campaigns, spreading of fake images and videos (deep fakes), or leaking of sensitive information (doxxing).  
We help you identify when someone is using disinformation tactics against your brand and - depending on the type of activity - make a plan for how to counter it together with your security department.

Consumer Boycotts

Consumer boycotts are nothing new, but our connected world make them spread more easily  today. Often, campaigns urging consumers to boycott a brand are often combined with online smear campaigns aiming to cancel the brand or its representatives in a specific social group.

We can identify and monitor consumer boycott campaigns before they spread, and we help you plan the best respons depending on the type of situation at hand.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most impactful technologies of our lifetime, creating opportunities to solve problems in completely new ways. But there are also substantial risks with AI that needs to be addressed.

We can help you proactively identify areas where your AI might be viewed as a threat – for example through built in bias or inequality, harm from inappropriate use, or humans loosing their jobs due to automisation. I you are aware of potential risks you can improve your AI and prepare answers to the questions you will get.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are often a priority for many companies. However, delivering fully on these promises can sometimes be tricky if you lack the right skills.

A lack of DEI understanding can create a reputational risk since these topics are often important to both employees and customers. But a lack of perspectives within your organisation might also create problems, for example, by using a non-inclusive image in a marketing campaign.