Don't let a crazy world destroy your business.

Better Odds uses AI to monitor how the world is changing and predict the impact on your company — ensuring you are prepared to lead.

A feed of strategic insights updates in your phone

Turn uncertainty into advantage with shorter time from insight to action.

Understand all the perspectives that impact your business

Get a complete understanding of the macro trends and world events that will impact your business and follow how they change over time.
Feed showcasing recent events

Continuous monitoring of your business environment

Understand how your macro environment changes in real-time through an ongoing monitoring of internal and external data.
Selection of topics to follow

The Power and speed of AI sense checked by humans

AI-powered humans make the most sense for now. It also makes it easy to follow up with questions to an expert analyst directly within the tool.

Actionable insights personalised to your role and organisation

Our insights learn about your needs and interests over time. Giving you all the signal, with a lot less noise.

Understood by everyone, regardless of data experience

Pre-analysed insights from transparent sources. Giving you time to do better things than look at dashboards.

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