An uncertain world demands a new approach to strategy.

With experience in strategy and crisis management at global organisations, we've experienced first-hand what you could gain from closely understanding risk and turning it into opportunity.

All organisations need tools and insights to help them understand the risks and opportunities surrounding them and how it changes in real time.

That's why we spend our days building Better Odds.

Portrait of Anna Loverus Founder and CEO

A team with years of high-stakes experience

Consumer boycotts, pandemics, terrorist attacks, war, phishing, disinformation campaigns, military coups, trade blockades — our small team have a lot of experience with disruption to business as usual.

After years of monitoring the world and implementing strategic insights at individual companies, we decided it was time to build something that would help others too.

We're a small remote team with our base in Stockholm, Sweden.

Founded in Stockholm, built around the world

Better Odds grew out of Stockholm's start-up scene, and we know first-hand that it is a great place to build a company.

But in a global and connected world, we find no reason to limit ourselves to our physical presence, and we have teammates and customers worldwide.

PS. We are hiring! Find our open positions here.

Picture of Stockholm

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